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We all know that a full round of golf can be exhausting enough without throwing your bag over your shoulders and lug it around the course, this can be a great toll on one back and shoulders, as much as 70 to 100 times per round. This is precisely the reason that electric golf trolleys have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Many times golfers get injured or hurt and if you happen to be of those millions of golfers who are suffering from a number of muscular aches on the golf course, there is a good amount of solutions out here. The best thing you can do is check out the electric golf trolleys available on the net right now. These are top notch products that are not pricey, but definitely offer you the freedom from carrying your heavy golf bag while playing 18 holes. If you are having back problems when playing golf have you thought it could be your golf bag, today golf bags can be quite heavy. A golf trolley is essential for a round of golf and instead of carrying your bag it could improve your health and your game. The benefits of using a golf trolley are many. My biggest benefit was giving me time between shots to think about my next shot while walking to my ball, weather it be to cool off after a bad shot, or to plan my attack to the green. Pace of play was actually no different than riding in a golf cart, except for the fact I was getting more exercise, than my buddies who are riding. And of course if you are one of million with sore backs, walking down the middle of the fairway with your golf trolley will keep those back muscles stretch out and ready for your next shot.

Most of you are unaware of the lightweight, MGI rechargeable Electric golf trolleys that are getting rave reviews by people just like you. A lot of care and planning should go into buying an electric golf trolley, what kind of course’s will you be playing, flat, hilly are conditions generally wet or dry. Are the drive motors strong enough to move about the golf course carrying all that weight. Is the battery strong enough to endure.

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