The role of the mentor is to provide insight, and to guide and advise you as the mentee, to reach your highest potential. Mentors typically assume the role of the experienced adviser based on their own personal/professional experience and act as a mentor on long or a short term basis.

The mentor can help fast track the mentee with their learning, and provide valuable insights, as well as to provide to avoid pitfalls. The best mentors are those who can push you outside your comfort zone. John C. Crosby says “If you follow your mentor you will get the right direction towards your goal.”

What Does Coaching & Mentoring Australia, offer in Mentoring?

Mentor Training

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your skills as a mentor, or seeking training for a group of Mentors in your organisation the CMA mentor training will assist.

Organisational Mentoring Programs

Within organisational settings, mentoring is a commonly employed strategy for developing talent and sharing and maintaining organisational knowledge. The CMA works with clients to establish mentoring programs that meet their needs in terms of content, training, structure and formality.

Individual Mentoring

Are you seeking a mentor for yourself or a colleague? A mentor is someone with the experience and expertise to help you achieve greater clarity around your role and career direction. Mentoring can also help you to achieve a particular business outcome. Or perhaps you are looking for a mentor to support someone in your organisation? A skilled mentor understands both your organisation’s needs and those of the mentee as an individual.

How Does Mentoring Differ From Coaching

Ideally a mentor has experience in your field of practice, so they can guide you based on their own experience. A mentor is usually older and wiser; they have “been there and done that” and you can benefit from their previous experience. A coach, however, is not a subject matter expert necessarily, but is expert in the process of coaching; asking the right questions and challenging you to achieve your highest potential.

Coaching & Mentoring Australia are specialists in Mentoring. The organisation excels in both business mentoring and executive mentoring. Some of the most senior mentors in Sydney, like Dr Stephen Treloar work with mentees to focus on identified areas of development or need.  The mentee is generally, already successful in their career and often include those already holding “C” level status in an organisation.

Mentoring is about the mentor acting as a ‘sounding board’ to develop thinking outside existing paradigms.  Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

While coaching deals with specific problems, mentoring is about exploring options.  Typically, someone who seeks mentoring already knows how to operate well, or is already at a stage of life where he/she does not need coaching. A mentor helps discover new alternatives in a confidential and pragmatic manner.

A mentor initiates you to think on the lines of ‘have you considered…?’, or ‘why not?’  Our mentors have served as CEOs and MDs in their respective lives and hence, understand what clients are looking for, in order to take their business to the next level.