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MEDIA RELEASE – Sponsors Announced for the Sydney Reinvent Your Career Expo

Everybody’s Career Company is pleased to announce a select group of sponsors of the Sydney Reinvent Your Career Expo for 2013. The expo is set to showcase real jobs, career counsellors, resume services, dynamic seminars and interactive workshops, together with Australia’s leading employer’s, government departments, universities and private educators and trainers.

The Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council (CPSISC), Deakin University, the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and Defence Force Recruiting the have all signed on to support Australia’s largest adult careers and employment event.

Monika Shave, Manager of Postgraduate Recruitment at Deakin University, says of sponsoring the Sydney Reinvent Your Career Expo:

“Since 2008, Deakin University has been an active participant in the Reinvent Your Career Expo. This event provides us with an opportunity to advise future students about our 550 diverse course offerings, flexible delivery modes and allows us to match up their interests and career goals with our courses and graduate outcomes. Deakin has a strong online delivery offering and more than 13% of our students are currently from New South Wales.”

Ms Shave continues, “At the Sydney Reinvent Your Career Expo we welcome the opportunity to speak to any future student who wishes to change the direction of their career, start a new career, upgrade or expand their skill set. Whether one is currently in the workforce, thinking of returning to study after taking an extended break or perhaps looking at utilizing a TAFE qualification to gain entry into a degree via a pathway, Deakin has many exciting options. Deakin is a multi-award winning university with an international focus. Our courses are designed to complement work, lifestyle and family commitments.”

Coordinator of the Careers Promotion Team at Defence Force Recruiting, Aline Boumansour, says that:

“Attending Reinvent your career provides Defence Force Recruiting with the opportunity to specifically target people who are looking for a change or more challenging career.”

 “Defence Force Recruiting will be promoting numerous full time and part time jobs in the Army, Navy and Air Force.”

The Reinvent Your Career Expo now showcases a Construction and Property Services Hub, with some of Australia’s most prominent employers, government departments, educators, workforce development decision makers and industry associations exhibiting.

Allan Ross, CEO of CPSISC, says of the hub:

“The expo will provide a new career direction and fresh start for thousands of attendees. Attendees will get to experience the innovative Construction and Property Services Hub and meet key industry decision makers who will assist with understanding industry needs, understanding the careers roadmap and accessing Federal Government incentives for employers to reposition a career.”

The sponsorship deal comes as CPSISC, Deakin University, the CDAA and Defence Force Recruiting continue to offer employment and education solutions for adult career transitioner’s who want to upgrade, re-skill, return to the workforce or totally reinvent their career.

Real jobs will be on offer at the Sydney Reinvent Your Career Expo on the 7th and 8th of September 2013 at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park from 10am to 4pm. Tickets are available at the door or buy online at to receive a 2 for 1 offer.

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