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<< Back to PR and Media & The Courier-Mail Sponsors Reinvent Your Career Initiative together with The Courier-Mail today announced its print and online sponsorship of Brisbane’s first major adult oriented careers event, the Brisbane 2009 Reinvent Your Career Expo. is News Limited’s national online employment website. The Courier-Mail is the flagship of Queensland Newspapers.

Everybody’s Career Companycreates and provides innovative employer brand solutions and communication channels assisting major organisations attract and retain the best possible ‘Real Age’ career people to their industry, required trades or professions.

The sponsorship deal comes as together with The Courier-Mail continues to find and offer communications solutions for employers, trainers and educators in order to reach adult career transitioners who want to upgrade, re-skill, return to the workforce or totally reinvent their career.

“We are very pleased to align The Courier-Mail and brand with Everybody’s Career Company for the first time as print and online sponsors of the Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo,” Queensland Newspapers’ Classified Advertising Manager, Steve Carroll said.

“Like Everybody’s Career Company, The Courier-Mail and pride themselves on connecting organisations with thousands of career minded individuals and job hunters throughout Queensland and the country.”

The Reinvent Your Career Expo is the first of its type to intentionally reach out to adults of all ages who are classed career transitioners, job seekers, graduates and non graduates, generation Y, generation X, Baby Boomers, skilled  workers and the mature workforce.

With a major media campaign to promote this initiative, the expo will offer employment, education and training opportunities to the general public by connecting organisations with thousands of career minded individuals. The Expo provides an environment which enables employers, education and training providers to communicate with potential candidates.

Employer branding specialist and Managing Director of Everybody’s Career Company, Nicholas Ricciuti says “The Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo will be the first time in Queensland that organisations have assembled at a major event to intentionally offer answers to ‘Real Age’ career transitioners questions. Participating organisations know that this group of people’s questions are more complex by nature.”

Mr Ricciuti continues, “The increase in employers becoming more open minded about an applicant’s background is being driven by the fact that the war for talent is intensifying with the expected downturn in available school leavers over the coming years.

Mature and experienced adult (Real Age) workers are becoming the focus now as Australia’s ageing demographics dictates that by the year 2016; eighty percent of workforce growth will need to come from 45 plus year olds.

Employers are becoming more accepting of cross vocational experience and now seek skill sets and life skills that they traditionally may not have considered.”

The Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo will be held March 7th and 8th 2009 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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