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Top 5 tips to make your Facebook profile more professional

Making your Facebook profile more professional ! You are quite confused right? You must be thinking what it actually means ? Does it means we have to keep aside all cool things we do in Facebook and have to transform our profile to a very serious one ? if you are thinking this then it’s absolutely wrong. Here to make your Facebook profile more professional means keep an absolute balance between your personal & professional life in Facebook. Because sometimes due to some sort of carelessness (ex. absence of proper profile picture or lack of all profile information etc.) our profile look very unprofessional, due to this some totally wrong message conveyed to other people. These are not expected when your Facebook profile is one of the very important social media profile. So, why & how you can add a bit professionalism in it that’s what I am going to discuss in this article. So just read on…

At first I am discussing the why part:

In today’s world we can’t even think any single day without social engagement. Wherever we are we always socialize. Gradually the line between our personal and professional life becoming thinner. In whatever profession you are, a well crafted Facebook profile always adds an extra advantage. Today even some employers are sometimes like to visit a candidates Facebook profile to get a generic idea about a person. So if you are a job seeker it can give you some sort of benefit. If you are an Entrepreneur then keeping you profile professional is very necessary because you are the brand for yourself and your Facebook profile is a crucial public face of your brand. So i think you got the picture of why i was telling to make your Facebook profile more professional.

Now concentrate on the how part. Don’t worry you don’t have to make any drastic change, just follow these simple 5 points and all done.

  1.  Profile picture & Cover image:  The very first step is to upload a decent profile picture of yours. It seems very ordinary but it’s serious. Avoid any group picture where you are not identifiable or any type picture that can hurt your image. Then upload a professional but interesting cover image related to you or your passion, ex. if you are a graphic designer you can upload a beautiful artwork which signifies your talent and creativity or if you are a photographer upload your creative photography, believe me these steps add a gravity to you profile.
  2. Craft your public information with care: When some unknown person visits your profile, it’s only your public information which is visible to him. So you decide which information is conveying right message to your audience. Keeping that in mind fill up your public information. Here are some tips: Write a very appealing and strong about you column which signifies who you are and what you do. Give details of your Work History & Educational background & Fill up details in the contact info section and give all necessary details according to your need.
  3. Control Your Timeline & Tagging features: Go to Privacy option then select Timeline & Tagging and choose the option which suits best to you.
  4. Quality with consistency: Ya i know you must be thinking that you use Facebook regularly but here I am asking you to give some crafted time regularly. Make a fixed time every day in that specific time forget about everything just focus on who you are, what you like to do. Then write some quality posts of yours or share some quality posts of others whom you admire. Remember this thing comment, publish, republish then you can generate a healthy community.
  5. Take a Streamlined and symmetric approach: Remember you are a professional and your name is your brand so try maintain a symmetric brand identity across all your social media profiles.

These are some measures by using which you can make your Facebook profile more professional…


Reinvent Your Career would like to thank tech delve where this article first appeared.


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