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Targeted training for industry needs

You dont have to take on tertiary study in order to pursue a new career. Many people coming to the expo will know the general field they hope to enter but many others, perhaps the majority, are looking for some solid ideas. If that sounds like you, keep your mind open to all sorts of possibilities including any you may not have considered.

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In the last few decades, there has been an enormous increase in the need for well-trained workers in the aged care industry.With the ageing population needing care both in residential facilities and at home, organisations are looking for employees who understand every aspect of their work and carry it out in a positive way. Sean Turner, who owns a number of aged and community care facilities, was looking for staff when he set up his own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in order to ensure that they met his standards. And so Pragmatic Training came into being in 2003.We have an
extensive background of developing well-educated and qualified health professionals and this has been very successful, says Andrew Morrison, manager of sales and business development at Pragmatic Training. We then identified other industry sectors where demand exists for high quality training and have since developed qualifications in business, child care, hospitality, and will soon be going into beauty.

Most of the people studying with Pragmatic Training are female because of the nature of the work, but many males are successful in office administration. For people who are thinking of changing careers, courses are delivered in a number of ways: classroom-based, distance learning, online, workplacebased or a combination.Some courses are available at weekends so people can study around the demands of their daily activities. This allows them to keep working in provided by Pragmatic Training take 14 weeks while others may take up to two years, including workplace study.All of our courses are delivered in a time-frame that allows students to consolidate their learning and be successful in their chosen careers, explains Mr Morrison. They are thoroughly taught and this is well-recognised in the industry so there is a flow-on effect of recommendations.

The key advantage of vocational training is the way it is taught: Learn. Apply in a practical environment. Review. Its extremely thorough. Anyone, regardless of age or background, is invited to investigate the services available from Pragmatic Training and see what might be right for their career aspirations. People who come to us are all looking for career outcomes, says Mr Morrison. As a well-established and networked organisation, we have many industry contacts where our students may find potential employment. Many of our students are also offered employment during their training placements which is a really positive reflection on the quality of our training.

All trainers at Pragmatic Training are vocational experts in their field and can therefore discuss their experiences as well as teaching theory during the courses. State and federal funding is also available to eligible students.

The Reinvent team would like thank The Age/My Career for the article Saturday, 11 June, 2011.

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