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Study Graphic Design, Interior Design or Photography

CATC Design School, previously known as Commercial Arts Training College, was established in Brisbane in 1982 and is one of Australia’s largest private vocational design schools.

CATC Design School delivers diploma level qualifications in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Photography, and offers more than just an education! They are passionate about the success of their students, and the focus is on helping students become the best designers they can be.

In addition to their online campus, CATC Design School has centrally located campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, all with specifically designed studio spaces.  The college boasts a vibrant, interactive and creative environment, where students are presented with opportunities to combine their skills and talents in real life projects with CATC Design School’s industry partners. Through strong academic leadership and a dedicated focus on portfolio development, CATC Design School develops savvy professionals that stand out from other graduates.


For more information about how you can start your career as a qualified designer or photographer visit or call 07 3270 1000!

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