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Career Reinvention Story – From Stitches to Supporting

There are different events in life that drive us to want to do things differently and Suzanne Ellt’s success story is certainly inspirational.

Suzanne previously worked as a sewing contractor as this fitted in with her family commitments however it didn’t provide continuity of income or work. Determined to find a job that could support her needs, Suzanne looked on Seek for a job that would still provide flexibility yet also provide the regularity of work and income. She primarily checked jobs in the health sector and discovered one that would provide her with a qualification and a job at the same time  – a bonus!!  Suzanne also realised the importance of having a qualification as it would be the passport to securing work in the future and so was keen to begin her traineeship. Suzanne says ‘ A traineeship is great because it’s not age specific and you can earn and learn and find out what the sector is all about.  This is really important when you need to change careers but still need income”.

Starting with Independence Australia as a trainee under the Group Training Scheme allowed Suzanne to work with Maree Ireland, an individual with a disability and now 18 months later, after having completed her qualification, still continues to support Maree with her care needs. “Considering study at my age was daunting – will I make it? Why do I need to go back to school? What I found out was that doing this traineeship was actually very different to my memories of what schooling was like” says Suzanne.

A key element of her traineeship through a Group Training Model was the support provided by the Group Training Consultant, Suzanne Chavasse, as she always felt she could go to someone if she needed assistance. “Through a Group Training Model, you are allocated a Group Training Consultant who helps you through the traineeship and supports you if you have any concerns – I found it very useful. You also build up a clientele base which means you can have work after you complete your traineeship around the hours you want”.

Suzanne Ellt’s choice to enter the disability sector will now position her well given the NDIS rollout as she has existing experience with supporting an individual with care needs. In fact, Independence Australia is so proud of Suzanne’s achievements that a nomination has been submitted for her to be entered into the Trainee of the Year award.

Grateful of the opportunity to change her line of work, Suzanne Ellt is now able to fit in life commitments, sewing hobbies and also be employed in a field which brings her and others satisfaction and a positive outlook on life!

For enquiries about training and employment in disability, please contact 1300 360 185.

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