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Steps to Find Your Career of Passion

Do you need help to get organised, make better choices and take action to achieve your career goals and make the most of your working life? The Reinvent Your Career Toolkit is a personal career toolkit which allows you to work at your own pace through a series of interactive steps to identify your potential, know your value and ultimately find your career of passion.

Below outlines each one of these steps and how, by using this process, you can achieve your ultimate career goals:

Develop Your Career Profile

Career development is a personal process of aligning your skills, efforts, achievements and goals.

Understanding what truly matters to you helps you make clear choices about your career direction, work environment, colleagues, and industry. Knowing yourself and being guided by your values helps you to own your future direction and to create a satisfying work life.

In practical terms, having a clear understanding of your priorities and values helps you know what type of work to actively seek out, what questions to ask in interviews, which companies to talk to (also which ones to avoid), and the type of people you would like to have as colleagues.

Take the time to know yourself. The rewards are worth it.

Build a Jobs Shortlist

Find careers matching your experience, the value you offer, who you are, and what you want. The results may be surprising, with interesting new directions to consider.

When a recruiter or hiring manager picks up your resume for the first time and reads through your career history, what do they see? Is it obvious what role you are suited to, or is it unclear?

To get past the first ‘flick through’ screening process, you may only have 10 seconds to communicate that you are worth meeting.

Begin by listing all the roles you’ve held, and the industries you’ve worked in. If you’ve already completed the Career Review exercise, this information should automatically appear in your list.

Add any extra roles to your list, so you’ve got a ‘complete’ picture of your career progression to the present day.

Create a Career Plan

To stand out from all other job seekers, you have to know where your career is headed and how you will get there. You need to be well prepared and communicate clearly how you match the job selection criteria. You need to understand the industry and the company, and build your network of contacts. You also need to track future jobs coming up so you can target them before they are advertised.

Create a career plan for each career direction or a specific target job you are willing to invest the time and effort to plan. Choose an existing target career title or job title from your shortlist, or create a new title for your career plan.

Career plans will involve gathering local market intelligence about each role, identifying specific vacancies to apply for, preparing targeted resumes, and preparing for interviews.

Design Your CV and Cover Letter

Your CV is a very important document as it will probably be the first contact you have with your potential new employer. You want to make a good first impression so that the employer is encouraged to offer you an interview.

Employers generally receive many CVs as a result of advertising a job vacancy, especially if the job opening is advertised on websites such as Seek or MyCareer. With all these CVs to read, you need to ensure that yours stands out from the crowd.

The good news is that many CVs are poorly written, so a little time and effort invested in producing your Curriculum Vitae should pay dividends. Good CV and cover letter templates will enable you to format an eye-catching CV tailored to your needs.

Generate a Contact Network

Your contact network is your most valuable job search asset. By keeping in touch with your existing contacts and making new contacts you will find jobs that are not advertised. Knowing how to manage your contacts is a vital part of successful networking.

Prepare for Interviews

Even the most experienced people can lose their train of thought in an interview if they have not properly prepared and are asked a difficult question.

A job interview is where all your job search efforts come together and are used to influence your career outcomes. It’s worth the time and effort to be well prepared and practice your answers to interview questions.

Access your tool kit anytime and from anywhere around the world. At only $49.95 with a 100% money back guarantee, the Reinvent Your Career Toolkit is an invaluable resource for any career seeker.

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