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How to Reinvent Your Career (and yourself) in 12 weeks

You know you need to change your career- don’t you?

You know that you are partially or even totally paralysed by fearful thoughts of the unknown and what to do.

Where do I start?

How do I know if I will be suited to my new career?

What if I fail?

The good news is that you can do it in a relatively short period of time.

21st century careers are based on your level of employability VS your state of employment.

That is you need to focus your attention on your value and worth to an organisation- i.e your employability rather than thinking about being full-time employed. You need to think about your value from the employers perspective rather than whether you want to feel securely employed.

As Alan Joyce CEO Qantas recently quoted on the newly announced 5000 jobs loss:

“…..this is not a reflection of the hard work of our employees. It’s simply what we need to do…..”

What does this tell us?

The decision to reduce the Qantas workforce was an economic decision not a performance based personal one. At the end of the day these employees need to adapt and find a way to secure work with another airline or else reinvent their careers.

As jobs and industries become obsolete new ones emerge, and no matter how many thousands of new workers flood into the job market each year, the economy continues to create opportunities for employees.

It’s for these opportunities that we all must prepare and adapt, adjust and respond.

There are 7 steps based on thinking that you must take to reinvent your career.

It’s recommended that you work to this plan over a period of 12 weeks- this time frame and the tools provided have been tested and proven to be successful in helping many people make massive change to their work life.

1) Re-Evaluate- this is when you take time out to see the world as it really is not as you would like it to be. It’s a time for reality check – are you like a mouse in a wheel in your job or career? How long can you continue doing the same thing? Are you a ‘sitting duck’ and waiting for the axe to fall on your employment? Are you irritable, angry or even getting physically ill from your work? If so then you must re-evaluate your career.

2) Rethink- get clarity about your work situation. Ask yourself- ‘how did I come to this point in my career?’ What are my options for the way forward? Gather facts and information about new career options.

3) Re-organise- working full-time Monday to Friday 9-5p.m is not the only work model option you have these days. Many people now work in a Portfolio career model- that is, perhaps 2 days for one client, and three days for another. Reorganising could also be in the form of a location change-perhaps moving from one city to another.

4) Restructuring- make the necessary changes to focus your resources (time, money, labour etc) on the activities which will give you higher value and bigger return. For example, instead of working in the 1:1 client model move to the 1:many model and sell your time for money to groups rather than individuals.

5) Re-Energise- take some time out to totally re-energise and rejuvenate yourself after a big career change. The more positive energy you have towards your new work life the more energy you will have to persist and succeed.

6) Regain Control- assess are you in control of your life or is your employer, events or circumstances out of your control? If you are not in control you need to take the steps to regain control. For example work as a consultant rather than an employee so that you can control your workload, who you work with and your level of income.

7) Reinvent- why is it that some companies, rock stars, entrepreneurs or actors seem to stay on our screens or in our lives forever while others seem to disappear after some initial success? It’s their ability to diversify and reinvent themselves that ensures their longevity in the marketplace.

Ask yourself if your job, business, industry or area of specialisation disappeared and you had to start your work life over completely what sort of work would you do?

Here are some thoughts that hopefully, you already know:

Nothing in this world is forever, and:

You work for yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to think that you work for anyone but yourself.

You are the one responsible for your employability- your professional development, creating and growing your professional networks, taking action on work opportunities, adding value to your employer, organisation, clients and customers.

Now instead of career development it’s personal brand management that we need to master.

The real value in what you know needs to be connected with who you know and who will pay you for your skills and knowledge.

Now you need to be connected to a community that will help support you to make career change. Whether you are changing careers, going from employee to self-employed or employer you will need a team of people to help you get there. It’s very difficult to do this alone.

If you have taken the 7 steps towards career change way of thinking, you now need the tools and resources to help you get there. is a community that has been designed to offer the framework and platform for you to reinvent your career.

Over 12 weeks you can focus on a broad range of career change resources guaranteed to shift your way of thinking and ultimately, your career:

  • Week 1- The New world of work
  • Week 2- 21st century career technologies
  • Week 3- Career Audit tool
  • Week 4- YOU INC- Self-Identity
  • Week 5- YOU INC- Self-Brand
  • Week 6- Build your team
  • Week 7- Your career change mindset
  • Week 8- Career Options
  • Week 9- Career action plan
  • Week 10-Market Yourself
  • Week 11-Your Calling
  • Week 12- Success Celebration

We hope you enjoyed this article for more detail go to:

Cheers, Tanya Honeychurch and Helena Steel

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