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Personal Interest Tops Criteria in Young Professionals Job Search

Survey by jobs site finds that motivation and personal engagement are qualities most aspired to in employment.

A survey conducted by job site,, has found that personal interests play a primary role for young professionals when considering their ideal employer.

The Big Brands Survey conducted its research across 2,200 respondents in every age group, including employees in marketing jobs, as well as new recruits in wider sectors, such as finance and sales.

Website News Personal Interest Feb 12Nearly 25% of Under 18 year olds cited ‘personal interest’ as the area they would most like to improve in their current employment- a trend witnessed extend across all younger age groups.

Nearly 20% of respondents aged between 18-24 years old emphasised the importance of ‘personal interest’ when stating potential improvements to their current employment. Younger professionals also cited their employers’ reputation and the quality of services or products provided as desirable improvements to existing employment.

However younger professionals also highlighted the importance of receiving adequate training through employment. 13% of respondents, aged between 18-24 years old, confessed to seeking employment based solely on the ‘Training, courses and Development’ opportunities provided by the employer.

For older jobseekers, employment desirables change, however. Over 41% of respondents, aged above 35, deemed the ‘pay, benefit and conditions’ offered by a prospective employer, as prime considerations when looking for a new job.

Yet it’s ‘reputation’ that appears to unify all jobseekers. It seems nearly everyone, irrespective of age, would consider taking a job if they were working for a company they thought of as being reputable.

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