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Opening the door to a real estate career

If youre a good communicator, then youll probably succeed in sales. But you have to believe in what youre selling and match the product to the buyer, or they wont come back.That goes for shoes, furniture and, in a big way it goes for property.Anyone 18 and older can work in real estate. Having plenty of work experience in another area where communication skills are important will certainly be an advantage.

A genuine interest in matching people with properties is vital or why do it? You may begin in property management (managing the relationship between landlord and tenant) and use this experience asa stepping stone into sales, or you can make a career in property management which can require a lot of technical and legal knowledge with long-standing commercial and residential clients.

Real estate can be a risky business which is this years title for our free, mandatory professional development unit for members, says Ciaron Fitzpatrick, senior trainer at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). Markets work both wayssupply and demand so at the moment agents need to work on communication with buyers with lots of follow-up calls. But theres no point in following up with property they dont reallywant; half of the job is understanding their exact needs.

If a client approaches a real estate agent with an ideal property in mind, the agent may have one on the books.There could be one that could be worth a look, and a good agent will not suggest a visit to a property that is quite wrong for the client. That would be a waste of time.

The REIV runs intensive five-day courses for people hoping to get into the industry. It may have 70 people every week who are doing the course, including those studying by distance.
At the end they are given assessments and, once other qualifications are met, they can be registered.Then they can begin looking for positions through networking and other avenues.

The course can only touch on the sort of software employers will be expecting staff to learn as much of the work is now technology-based. This is especially true of the property management area.The course also covers presentation how one should present themselves,conveytheir interest, and is one able to listen as well as talk?

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Once you start interviews for different positions, this is where your other skills and background will become obvious to potential employers, says Mr Fitzpatrick. If you want to work in a certain suburb, how much research have you done on it shops, transport, schools, community centresanything that will interest potential buyers. You have to ask yourself: What is going to getyour foot in the door? Its not just a matter of getting a certificate.

Most employers allow new agents to shadow an experienced agent for some time. The REIV also provides a raft of courses to develop real estate business skills including in-house training for groups of agents. Some traineeships are also available. Both RMIT and Deakin University offer degrees in real estate and property for students interested in entering the career as graduates.


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