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New CBD in Blacktown to create jobs for 40,000

A major council will today unveil a plan to create Sydney’s newest CBD which will include a business park, multi-storey office blocks and an investment strategy it hopes will attract thousands of “high-order” jobs.

Blacktown mayor Alan Pendleton hopes his council’s vision will boost the local area’s employment capacity from 5000 to 40,000 and help tackle the region’s unemployment rate, which is double the rest of Sydney.

“Our plan is deliberately bold. We seek to create a corridor totalling 17ha of land for future commercial office space within a traditional CBD setting,” Mr Pendleton said.

“The Blacktown City centre is an unknown quantum. Presumptions are still being made about its viability that ignores its long-term potential.”

Sydney’s suburban employment woes have created a shortage of 200,000 jobs, forcing a young and highly-skilled population to commute elsewhere for hours each day. The state government’s main planning document allows for only 5000 jobs in Blacktown.

Mr Pendleton warned the NSW economy was experiencing a slowdown and managing population growth “in a difficult economic climate is putting Sydney’s reputation as the leading city of Australia at risk”.

“The growth of western Sydney must be geared towards employment and growing industry more than ever before,” he said.

“The total employment target set for Blacktown is 68 per cent greater than what the current Metropolitan Plan for Sydney allows. This can help combat the western Sydney jobs deficit by up to 16 per cent alone.”

The zoning shakeup would pave the way for Blacktown to become Sydney’s newest CBD, with office blocks up to 18 storeys high, a new business park and a program to generate investment.

“Our ground-breaking plan, when fully implemented, has the capacity to provide employment for up to 40,000 new jobs,” he said. “Blacktown will accommodate its share of higher-order commercial development and help redress the jobs balance.”

Home to the largest and one of the youngest populations in NSW, Mr Pendleton said Blacktown’s labour force would drive a diverse economy, including engineering, finance, property, administration, health, information technology and communication, sales and business development.

“There is a very real need to create employment diversity in western Sydney, particularly in Blacktown,” he said.

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