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Job seekers are looking to their smartphones for their next career opportunity

With smartphones becoming an integral part of people’s lives, it’s seems that almost anything can be done from the comfort of your mobile.  It has become an additional technological limb that people use to play games, keep updated on news, and even search for their next career.

US Technology research firm, IDC has predicted that users will access the internet on mobile devices more than desktop computers by 2015. More smartphone users are searching for jobs on their hand-held devices due to the accessibly of the internet at any time and any place. (Weber, 2013)

With the increase of smartphone users job hunting on their phones and tablets, employers are starting to develop mobile versions of their career websites, creating apps with interactive career content, and simplifying job applications which can be easily completed at any time. Australian employment website, SEEK found that mobile visits to their website have doubled since 2012, with their iPhone app reaching over 1 million downloads since its launch in April 2012. (Osborne, 2012)

The advantages for employers in mobile recruitment are the convenience and immediacy. Smartphones offer the same speed and capability as a computer, but with almost unlimited accessibility and the ability to respond instantly, which can give recruitment higher and faster responses. Mobile recruitment can also target particular candidates at a lower cost (compared to traditional advertising).

Potential candidates are also using their smartphones to search for careers on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps companies target potential candidates with skills that match their opportunities. Companies who contact potential candidates through these mobile social networking websites are more likely to get a higher and instant response.

Employers are taking advantage of the smartphone users who almost depend on their mobiles, in particular younger candidates. With companies competing for younger technology-savvy candidates, mobile friendly recruitment campaigns can make a company stand out to younger smartphone job seekers who are browsing on the go. If a company doesn’t accommodate for mobile viewing, they are losing the opportunity for younger candidates to research and apply at any time and any place.

Mobile recruitment can also target those workers who might be casually exploring their career options in their spare time. Some workers who may be already employed might go online and search for other potential options while sitting on a bus, or waiting for a plane. Having an effective career website which is accessible on smartphones can help engage those potential candidates who may not be searching for work at all.

Even with the increase of smartphone users utilising their mobiles to search for their next potential career, there’s still a small percentage of companies who have made their recruitment process mobile-friendly. Mobile career website, iMomentous found that only a third of Fortune 500 companies have mobile friendly career portals. Not having smartphone friendly websites may disadvantage companies as they are missing out on those technology-savvy potential candidates who could possibly be looking for career opportunities while on the move. (Newman, 2013)

 Reinvent Your Career would like to thank Employment Office where this article first appeared.

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