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IT skill shortages in Australia driven by resources boom

Website News IT shortages Feb 12Candidates with IT technologies and expertise are in huge demand in Australia’s  booming mining and energy sector.

Hays director of IT, Peter Noblet, told Computerworld Australia that IT skills are in demand within the Australia mining and resources industry due to the global growth of the mining and resources sector, and technology skills are also in demand within the business sector.

“We’re still seeing shortages in certain Microsoft skills set such as SharePoint, for example. We see shortages in areas of business intelligence, we still see shortages in SAP and we see shortages in areas of project management,” he said. The telecommunications space was another area experiencing strong technical skills shortages within RF, wireless and the new generation telco networks.

Noblet also identified ‘soft skills’, such as leadership, communications and management, as an area where IT candidates often lacked expertise.

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