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How to Sell Your Skills

Whilst the health of the economy and the job market will influence your job search and your career, the biggest influence on your personal and career success and your success in finding a job will be you. You determine your own success:

  • By planning and managing your career you can improve your success
  • The person that sells themselves the most effectively are usually hired for the job
  • You are the best person to sell yourself in your job search or career
  • You need to know yourself inside out
  • If you don’t think you know yourself inside out then spend some time on finding out who you are

Simple exercise

How do others describe you?
With the diagram below, think about your current work situation and consider what two words your colleagues would use to describe you? Remember we are looking for adjectives = preferably positive – from all levels of people in your company. Managers are people who are senior to you, peers, clients or customers are those that rely on info from you and you from them to achieve a mutual goal, and finally if you manage a team then think about how they might describe you.

 Now you should have 6 words or phrases that describe what others think of you, hopefully all positive! Is this how you would have described yourself? It is interesting when we put the ownership onto others how we are easily able to identify our strengths. It is useful to also reflect on previous employers/teams to pull out additional words. Using this self-analysis, compare the different perceptions of you, by you and with other people. Hopefully they will be the same or if not you are pleasantly surprised.

Overall, job seekers have found this exercise useful to give them an overview of what to write in their career profile or objective. The descriptive words also lead you to be able to talk through your strengths and why you are the best person for the job. 

Being able to use positive action words will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.


Sally-Anne Blanshard is the founder and Director of Nourish Coaching and helps people reinvent their careers, businesses and life through structured coaching programs.  She has been featured on TV, Radio and is often quoted in newspapers and magazines.

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