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How to recreate your career

Here we look at how to recreate yourself by identifying, packaging, and marketing transferable skills to a different industry and guarantee steady employment.

The success rate that people experience when applying for advertised jobs and attempting a career change is on average very low. It’s not your fault – it’s the process: The recruitment process is very arbitrary, subjective, and sometimes little more than a lottery.

So do something different. Take control of your own destiny. Be different, be proactive, know yourself and know your market.

Why rely wholly on a process that involves inevitable intensive competition and an arbitrary unknown selection method? Knowing yourself and what’s out there will enable you to understand which employers and jobs will offer you the best fit.

How to package yourself

Think and act creatively and innovatively on the way you ‘package’ yourself – the sort of image and presence you create.

A CV is no longer restricted to hard-copy paper or a digital document. What about a video CV? What about creating an impressive web presence?

Being proactive in this way impresses employers and will give you choice. You become the buyer not the seller, because all good employers want innovative proactive impressive people. So become one of these people.

Know your key strengths

Whatever you do – ensure you know yourself, honestly and objectively – especially all your skills and strengths that will be desirable to employers. Think deeply about your passions, your loves, what you enjoy – these are likely to be or relate to your key strengths and potential.

Employers need people with more important and meaningful qualities; like creativity, humanity, determination, self-reliance, compassion, integrity, vision, ethics, and an awareness of the wider world, etc.

List your strengths and dreams using this wider perspective. You will very quickly see a person emerging who is unique, and able to offer uniquely special qualities to all forward-thinking employers and capable of adapting to change. You’ll now perhaps begin to imagine all sorts of different types of work that will provide a better fit for what you can do, what you love, and the changes you want to make in your career.

How to improve your resume

Now use this new view of yourself to change or improve your resume.

When you’ve thought carefully and decided where the best fit will be for you, be proactive not reactive.

Approach at least 20 potential employers that you think will want what you can do. 50 or 100 is obviously better, provided the fit is good and the data is reliable. Marketing is a numbers game – hence the more the better.

How to present yourself

Present yourself in your CV and covering letter in terms of what you can do for the organisation or business. This aspect is crucial. It’s essential to describe yourself in a way that is immediately and obviously appealing to the reader.

You are managing your own personal marketing campaign and your destiny is in your own hands.

Remember when your letter and CV arrives it is unique and relevant and it’s selling you. It is not one of a hundred other ‘send and hope’ applications for an advertised vacancy that’s probably going to go to the internal candidate anyway.

Be proactive and get results

Sooner or later you will be offered meetings or interviews.

Aim to get two or more meetings or interviews. It gives a big boost to your confidence level knowing you’ve other options, and it has a very positive and helpful effect on the interviewer too. People want people who other people want.

All employers need good people, and when one comes along, many employers will try to find an opportunity, whether they are currently recruiting or not.

The bottom line

By being proactive and making your own opportunities will make the interview and the whole process much easier for you because you’ve controlled it, moreover you look like a great fit for the organisation, you’ve proved you can get things done, and you’ve avoided most if not all of the competition. And you’ll have saved them the hassle of recruiting too.

Anyone can take this approach. All it needs is a bit of thought, research and preparation.

Reinvent Your Career would like to thank the Yahoo! 7 Finance where this article first appeared.

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