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‘Go west’ jobs push targets ailing sectors

Redundant workers from ailing sectors such as manufacturing are being targeted for work in the resources sector, Minister for Employment Participation Kate Ellis says.

Ms Ellis and Special Minister of State Gary Gray met with resources sector executives in Perth yesterday to discuss how the commonwealth would help the industry meet its labour needs.

She said the group discussed holding expos in communities where jobs have been slashed in promoting work that’s up for grabs in Western Australia.

Not everyone wanted to relocate to remote regions, however.

“It is not the solution for every job seeker to move across the country to re-establish themselves to take up employment,” Ms Ellis told AAP.

“If we can work at looking at communities where there are a large number of redundancies … then I think if people can move with people who they already know, already familiar with and feel comfortable with – they don’t feel like they’re going it alone – there is potential for us to encourage people to take up the option.”

She said the federal government’s relocation program to encourage workers to move for jobs had been taken up by almost 600 people “which is more than what we’ve seen with previous relocation policies”.

Ms Ellis also said every resources sector representative she spoke with yesterday shared the view that Australians should be employed before foreign workers were brought in.

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