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From Coaching to Caring

The aphorism, ‘It is better to give than receive’ epitomises my interest in community services, says Mr Rio Kuharski, a Community Care Assistant with KinCare.

I have aspired to help people since childhood when I was brought up in the hospitality industry through the family business; however I did not have the opportunity.

After playing tennis professionally I chose to enter the coaching industry based on my experience and knowledge. Unfortunately a void ensued through tennis coaching as I personally felt like I was satisfying predominantly a leisure service. In other words, I had an underlying passion to give more to society.

I enquired with carecareers and they took the time to advise me and professionally edit my resume. After applying for several jobs, two companies replied within a fortnight. I had an interview and within a month I started my new career at KinCare. I have been working as a Community Care Assistant for more than 8 months now and it feels like I started my first day yesterday!

Every client is unique and every day feels different, as clients’ needs are different. Each client has a different personality, beliefs, values and experiences and as a result I immensely enjoy building friendships and rapport with them, he says.

As workers we have a wonderful opportunity to empower our clients, enabling them to rediscover their confidence and dignity. With every thought of my role as a Community Care Assistant I feel joy and motivation knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of our clients.

I believe in order to be an effective Community Care Assistant it is an essential prerequisite to possess a compassionate heart, as this trait will build other important traits. A compassionate heart will be loving, respectful, patient, open-minded, caring and joyful.

On my days off I miss my clients and I also reflect on the times we have spent together. It is with honour and it is a privilege to serve an industry with all my heart, and it is also with conviction. I hope you will find an amazing experience working in community services.

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