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What the Ideal Career May Look Like For You and How to Head Towards It

Have you been searching high and low for that perfect job?

Not sure how to get out of your not-so-great job?

There is hope! You will be able to do 3 things to help you get from where you are in your career to where you want to be.

An ideal career, I have to tell you, does not appear overnight just by wishing you had one.  Sorry, I had to put it out there.  You can however, define, describe and decide on what your ideal career looks like and improve the possibility of making it yours by giving the following three career strategies a go today.

1: Create Your Personal Career Vision

Imagine if you had to drive or catch a bus somewhere without knowing where you wanted to go?  What is the point?  Why would someone bother doing that? It is madness. 

When people live a life without vision or purpose, there is no direction or motivation to keep them going. They feel like giving up and continuing to live in what feels like a life-long sentence in their career prison.

It’s vital that you have a clear career vision so you know what type of career and life you want to live.

The things that you are good at, enjoy doing, interested in and are excited to do more of will form the strong foundation of your very own career vision.

I spent 10 years going from job to job in the corporate world never finding fulfillment even though I had many successes and promotions, managing teams of up to 20 people and running national training functions.  Once I decided what I wanted more of in my career, it started happening.

My previous article in this series showed readers a proven process to undercover clues as to what to do next with their careers.

To help you create your very own career vision, some of the questions you need ask yourself include:

  • What does your ideal career look like? What are you doing?
  • Do you want to work in the same, similar or different industry?
  • Where do you want your work to be located?
  • What type of remuneration or benefits do you want to have?
  • What type of organization do you want to work for? What culture would you like to experience?

I’m sharing a sample from a client who is a Corporate Trainer to give you an idea; “I love facilitating customer service workshops and programs that are easy, fun and rewarding and bring in $10,000 a month. They are held in the city and at convenient locations within 30 minutes of my home with great people who want to be successful.”

2: Live and Breathe Your Vision

This is most powerful action you can take to move towards your ideal career.

It doesn’t matter if you spend 70 hours a week applying for jobs because you hate your current one. It won’t help.

What helps instead is visualising. You may have come across various people stating that visualisation and imagining having what you want leads to a greater success rate rather than working hard at actions like applying non-stop for jobs with a poor response rate. Well, from my coaching experience and scientific studies of peak sports performance, the key is to visualise what you want.

One article published by Carolyn Gregorian on, states that athletes have used the technique of “mental imagery,” or visualisation, to up their game and perform at their peak. 

Visualising what you want for a set period of time helps you feel better and you start taking action based on what you think or feels in alignment with your Personal Career Vision.

How do you visualise? An easy way to visualise is to close your eyes and describe or imagine all of your Personal Career Vision details in terms of what you are doing, seeing, feeling, thinking and what is going on around you.  Go on and soak it all up. Breathe in all of that fulfillment, joy and happiness of your vision as if it is were already here.

3: Hold On To It!

Regardless of where you are at, keep your Personal Career Vision front of mind at all times.  It will be your compass to help point you back to where you want to go when you get lost along the way.

Give these three strategies a go and let us know what happens for you.  If you need help creating your career vision or anything career related, please feel free to get in touch.

Bonus Career Change Fast Track Tips

At your current job – does any aspect of your current job match what you enjoy or want to do more of? If so, explore how to make that happen in your workplace to feel more fulfilled.

Looking for work – keep your vision in mind and know that all journeys have many steps along the way.  See each role as a stepping-stone towards getting what you really want.


As an experienced and certified career coach, Jon Le Breton is passionate about supporting his clients lead fulfilling and successful lives. Jon also leads community support groups, forums, workshops and runs his own successful training business.

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