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Escape the Barriers

If your future career dreams revolve around escaping your job as soon as possible then obviously you are working at the wrong job.  Similarly if your forward career planning focuses solely on how soon you can retire, its time for a significant change.  

Work can and should be something that gives you a sense of fulfilment and purpose, not just an income to pay the bills.  This does not mean that everyone must have a job that is significant in the eyes of the world but it does mean that each worker should find some significance in the work they are doing. 

Many people live their lives barely tolerating their work, treating it as something that has to be done but not enjoyed.  They feel stuck but lack confidence to make a career change.  Often they barely allow
themselves to consider the possibility of making such a major change in their life despite their discontent, blaming age as their reason for not seeking other work.  Life goes on but the unhappiness festers.

Mature workers have a lifetime of skills and experience which can be invaluable to their next employer or within their own business.  Yet the perceived barrier of age prevents many from exploring the possibilities that may exist for them.

On Tuesday September 28, October 5 and October 12, the Fabulous 50s Sensational 60s free webinar series will be offered to assist you to make the most of the next stage of your career and life.  Covering a
topic a week, Over 50? What are your career options?, What are you doing for the rest of your life? and Finding Passion and Purpose: Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within, the three webinars will help mature workers consider all the possibilities that are available to them. 

Presented by an experienced Career Counsellor and Retirement Transition Coach, these webinars offer you the opportunity to have professional help as you reflect on your future career or active retirement options.  To register visit


Jenni Proctor

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