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Coalition sets one million jobs target

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has committed a coalition government to creating one million jobs over the next five years and two million jobs within a decade.

Mr Abbott on Tuesday morning gave a five minute pep talk at the final joint coalition party room meeting for the year in Canberra.

“As the parliamentary year closes it is important to recommit ourselves to our great purpose – which is to build a better life for the Australian people,” he told MPs.

He said that after two years of hard work the coalition would take “good and sensible” policies to the 2013 federal election due in second half of the year.

Under a coalition government, economic reform would start with getting rid of unnecessary taxes – such as the carbon and mining taxes – and removing $1 billion a year of business red tape.

“If we can do what we have pledged to the Australian people – that we will strive to deliver and I am so confident that we can – we will deliver one million new jobs over five years, two million new jobs over a decade,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott said the coalition would deliver “detailed policy”, starting in early 2013.

“I want the Australian people not to just vote against the current government – I want them to positively vote for this coalition,” he said.

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