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Careers in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are responsible for a lot of the modern landscape that we take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

Buildings, towers, bridges, dams, airports – all of these are made possible through the work of civil engineers; not to mention skyscrapers, sports stadiums and structures like the Taipei 101 in Asia, or the 31-mile long tunnel beneath the English Channel.

Civil engineers also play a critical role in sustainable resource management and urban design.

What does a Civil Engineer do?

Civil engineers work with plans or drawings to ensure that the materials chosen for a particular design will be strong enough for the planned works.

They will also assess the potential impact the structure may have on its surroundings.

Specialisations in Civil Engineering

There are diverse specialisations in civil engineering, including construction, transportation, environmental, geotechnical, coastal, earthquake, materials, water resource and structural engineering.

How do I become a Civil Engineer?

Conventional pathways to becoming a qualified Civil Engineer include beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or Engineering, with a major in Civil.

Many employers will favour a complete or currently underway Master of Civil Engineering also.

Many engineering students will undertake vacation work with an engineering firm, and an industry placement as part of their later year study.

Working in Civil Engineering

Further to the different specialisations you can pursue, there are different types of jobs out there in civil engineering in the public and private sectors, in consulting and construction roles.

Typically as an undergraduate, you are encouraged to pursue exposure to different types of roles during summer internships and work placements.

Civil Engineers make it happen!

Civil engineers will tell you that architects may come up with the design, but the engineers are the ones that make them come to life!

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