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Become a Planner

Planning is an exciting, flexible and varied career. The areas of work planners undertake covers a range of disciplines involved in the creation and management of cities, towns, and communities. Factors such as the environment, sustainability, social welfare, heritage and urban development are fundamental elements in the planning of cities and towns. The role of planners is becoming increasingly important as society places greater emphasis on balancing environmental and developmental issues, promoting liveable communities and securing high quality urban design.

There is currently a high demand for planners in Australia and career prospects are excellent. Planners work everywhere and can be found in most Australian cities and towns! A career in planning can also provide opportunities to travel and work overseas as planning skills are valued all over the world. Planners can work in local, state and federal government, in consultant firms, with property development organisations, with private companies, and other organisations including community groups and universities.

Planning is a profession and you need the right qualifications to practice as a planner. Employers expect planners to have tertiary education qualifications. PIA accredits tertiary planning courses throughout Australia, undergraduate and post graduate courses.

 A career in planning can provide you with an opportunity to work in a particular area of interest such as:

  • Environmental planning
  • Sustainable development
  • Management of natural resources
  • Urban Design
  • Heritage conservation
  • Assessment of development proposals
  • Planning law
  • Transport planning
  • Major event planning
  • Regional and rural planning
  • Community development
  • Social Planning


Reinvent Your Career would like to thank the Planning Institute of Australia where this article first appeared.

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