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Australia faces a skills shortage

Bricklayers are charging $2 PER BRICK as Australia faces a skills shortage so severe the government is searching overseas for everything from tradies to doctors

  • Falling numbers in Australian tradesmen force employers to look overseas
  • Pay rates for Sydney brick layers have grown from $850 to $2,000
  • Around half of the young people who begin an apprenticeship drop out

Australia is in the grip of a skills shortage of everything from doctors to tradesmen that is driving the cost of hiring contract workers sky high.

Bricklayers are in such demand they are charging the equivalent of $2 for every brick they lay, plus costs.

Foreign tradies, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and bricklayers will be welcomed by the Immigration Department because of a lack of skilled in Australia workers and a drop in apprentice training.

Pay rates for Sydney brick layers have more than doubled from $850 to $2000 to lay 1000 bricks, which equals about $2 per brick, the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation told the Immigration Department.

The foundation said: ‘Large residential housing development in western and southwestern Sydney are experiencing the shortage,’ the Daily Telegraph reports.

According to Master Builders Australia, around half of the young people who begin an apprenticeship, drop out before they learn a trade.

Australian technical and trade apprentices has dropped from 206,000 in 2010 to 174,900 at the end of last year.

Master Builders chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch told the Daily Telegraph they found it was due to impatience with young people over how much they were earning.

‘While they might not be getting much during their three-year apprenticeship, they’ve got to look beyond that to the money they can earn later, and the ability to run their own business.’

We would like to thank the Daily Telegraph where this article first appeared on 30th July 2016

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