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Amanda Gardner Air Force Doctor


Ever wanted to be more, see more and achieve more than you thought you could?


For Air Forces Doctor Amanda Gardner, being in the Services has provided opportunities for her to expand her potential beyond what she could ever have imagined.


Im a Medical Officer in the Air Force Amanda said. It was a rather long road to get here, but I made it.


I joined as a troop, as a clerk supply and had a great opportunity to do a Bachelor of Nursing through the Air Force.


I did that and then was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to do medicine; so thats how I got here, she said.


Now working out of RAAF Base Townsville, Amanda is helping to look after the personnel there as a Medical Officer.


On a day to day basis I do general medicine; people have appointments and come and see me for their general health, Amanda said.


We can do minor operations, minor procedures and we have X-Ray facilities.


We have a lot of consulting rooms where we have some specialists come in that people can make appointments to see.


We have outpatient departments so if you sprain your ankle playing touch football for example, you can come in and we can attend to that here outside our normal appointment hours I guess like a small hospital.


One of the other tasks Amanda carries out is the medical sub-specialisation of aviation medicine.


I also look after aviation medicine and aero-medical evacuations, and Ive also had the opportunity to deploy, she said.


There are regulations and standards that apply to civilian as well as military operations that we need to be aware of and we have to examine and declare people fit to do things such as fly a fast jet aircraft, pilot another type of aircraft or conduct air traffic control.


Aviation medicine is done in Civi Street, but they wouldnt be certifying people to fly a hornet for example.


Having recently deployed overseas, Amanda came back with a sense of achievement in what she achieved and broader view of the world.


There is certainly an element of teamwork and camaraderie, especially if you deploy, she said.


The people I just deployed with, you feel an obligation to each other to support each other, and to help each other out and also enjoy the good times together.


The deployment to the Middle East Area of Operations was certainly one of the highlights; it was like nothing here at all, so it was quite an eye opener.


Working in the Australian Defence Force is not always easy, as can be said for most jobs, but it does come with a sense of pride and achievement that few other areas can offer.


I feel like Im doing my bit, if you like, for the country, Amanda said.


Im part of an organisation that theres a big picture to and yeah, theres a sense of pride in yourself because I do things that I would never have done if I wasnt in the Air Force.


Some things I have achieved have been well outside my comfort zone that I just wouldnt even consider attempting as a civilian.


If you are interested in finding out more about medical careers in the Navy, Army or Air Force, call 13 19 01 or visit today.




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