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A Career in Personal Injury Case Management

The Personal Injury Management industry is a multi-million dollar industry employing thousands of people across various roles. As a major employer, the industry reaches across the business, government and legal communities.  Although not restricted to these areas, the personal injury sector incorporates workers compensation, compulsory third party insurance (CTP), and other general lines of insurance.  Additionally there are numerous service providing industries to the personal injury sector which also offers students a variety of rewarding career opportunities. These include the injury rehabilitation, legal, medico legal, investigative, and insurance broking industries to name some.

Why this Career?

 1. Job satisfaction

  • Participating in a growth and constantly changing industry
  • Taking personal responsibility for managing a personal injury claim
  • Understanding the complex workers compensation and CTP industries
  • Successfully managing an injured party’s return to work and normal functioning through the compensation and rehabilitation process
  • Dealing with the medical profession and a host of allied health professionals as part of the injury management process
  • Coping with the legal and technical aspects of personal injury claims

2. Profitable career options

  • Starting salaries around $40k
  • Fantastic career progression
  • Manage important clients and accounts
  • Potential stepping stone to a myriad of insurance related careers (WH&S, Broking, Risk Mgt, Rehab & Insurance law careers to name a few)

Reinvent Your Career would like to thank Personal Injury Careers where this article first appeared.

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