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3 ways to find out your true strengths and really stand out!

What are your strengths?

The difference between being successful in your job and just being average is the ability to completely use all of your strengths.

When you think about it, it’s logical.  In most cases, you love the thing you are good at. It’s then very normal that when you have a job or a project that works on your strengths, you really stand out.

So, why doesn’t everyone work to their strengths at work? Because most people have no idea what their strengths are!

The four main reasons I have identified are:

1] People don’t see their strengths as strengths. They see their strengths as “common sense” and believe that everyone is the same.

2] People are disillusioned by their strengths and believe in the wrong set of strengths. They believe they should be good at something because they have been doing it for years.

3] People are afraid to miss out. They think if they only chose jobs that focus on their strengths they would have to say no to other opportunities. Therefore they don’t bother to find out their strengths.

4] People are confused between their strengths and skills. As a rule of thumb, skills can be learned, strengths are your natural abilities. Your strengths get stronger as you use them more often.

Not knowing your strengths will put you on the “back foot” in your life and your career. You will struggle to stand out, often come second (or third) and work harder then everyone to succeed.

So, What are your strengths?

There are three ways to find out your true strengths, and I recommend doing all three of them:

1] Write down what you think are your five key strengths

2] Ask 10 people around you (colleagues, ex colleagues, ex manager, peers, friends etc)

3] Take an online strength assessment – for a professional online strengths assessment and a 30 minute consultation. please contact me

From your list, pick the five that kept re-occurring. Those are your top 5 strengths.

After you found your top 5, you have identified the most precious and valuable information that will serve you from now on in your career.

Here are 3 specific situations where knowing your strengths will help you in your career:

1] Asking relevant interview questions. At the end of most interviews, you get asked: “do you have any more questions?”. Most people aren’t sure what to ask and end up asking random questions they picked up from googling “what to ask in an interview?”. Now you know your strengths, you can ask very specific questions.

Questions you could ask are:

o    What are the strengths you believe the person in this role should have to be successful?

o    I’m told to be very analytical [mention your strength], how do you believe this strength would be beneficial in this role?

2] Career decision making. When you are torn between job offers and you’re about to make a pro & con list to make up your mind. Simply see how each opportunity matches against your key strengths.

3] Delegation and hiring staff. Knowing your strengths makes it easier to hire a team that complements your strengths and have maximum efficiency and productivity.

As I mentioned, not knowing your strengths will put you on the “back foot” in your career.

If you are tired of coming second, of struggling to stand out, take this opportunity and request a professional online strengths assessment & 30 minute consultation

Reinvent Your Career would like to thank New Horizon Coaching where this article first appeared.

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