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3 strategies to get a sidetracked career back on track!

One morning you wake up and realize that your career is going in a direction you don’t really want.

The small additional tasks your boss asked you to do a few years back have ended up being big projects. I bet you didn’t mind in the beginning? You probably even liked the variety and the chance to learn something new?

You went with the flow, and time flew by …

But now you’d like to go back to what you were doing a few years back.

This is a very common feeling – that many of my clients find extremely challenging!

Let’s review some ways you’ve probably tried (with no -or limited- success):

  • You’ve applied for jobs posted on job boards
  • You’ve talked (or met) with recruiters
  • You’ve tried moving back into a different area within your current company (or at least you explored the possibility), but for some reason it’s not possible

When your career is sidetracked you might find that the traditional ways to find a job don’t work for you. This doesn’t mean that there is no hope – it just means that the solution might not be the obvious one.

These are three strategies to help you get back on track and moving forward in the right direction with your career.


Strategy 1:

Brush up on any skills you haven’t used for a while. These days there are so many ways you can brush up your skills. With face-to-face classes, online courses or even youtube tutorials. There really is no excuse – everything is available at your fingertips.


Strategy 2:

Re-connect with your old colleagues, networks and peers. It is never to late to reconnect – even if it has been years. If you don’t feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling them, reach out via LinkedIn. Don’t be scared that it might be awkward or strange…we are all human and people love to help each other. What’s the worst that can happen? Think about all the good things that can lead from it. If you never step out your comfort zone, nothing much is ever going happen.


Strategy 3:

Reformat your resume. A resume is not just a list of your responsibilities at the different companies you’ve worked. It needs to reflect the skills and experience for the position you want to have. Do you see how this can be different?

So, if your career is side tracked, what’s your strategy to get it back on track?

  • Which skills do you need to brush up on? How are you going to do this?
  • Who can you reconnect with?
  • What can you change about your resume?
 Reinvent your career would like to thank New Horizon Coaching where this article first appeared.

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