melbourne visitor expo

29 & 30 July 2017

@ Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Tips & Hints

Tips & Hints

Use the Reinvent Your Career Expo to expand your market exposure and personal branding by increasing your your own publicity as you uncover the specific business challenges of potential employers and present yourself as someone that provides realistic solutions.

Next-generation marketing uses career expo attendance as a back-door stage pass to the inner sanctum of persons-of-influence. The more you know before you go, the more you increase your credibility and fit with organizational needs. A successful campaign targets the right companies with the right product- you. Identifying that market is done through deep-level market intelligence research before, during and after your attendance.

Obtain a list of employers being represented and rank a select few that would mesh well with your competencies, values, career goals, and opportunity to demonstrate yourself as a problem solver. This keeps you on-point and prevents the total burnout of trying to meet with everyone there.

Obtain a list of seminars and determine which topics and / or speakers are of interest and plan your time around these.

Develop your resumes options: one for your best-fit choices, one for alternative choices, perhaps even a web portfolio. If you are in the Creative Arts, have a mini portfolio that highlights your best work.

Use professional-looking business cards that detail your name, email, contact numbers and a few key words that state your area of knowledge, ability and job function.

Be open- minded:

Don’t disregard any exhibitor based on ‘what you think you know’ about them. Speak to as many exhibitors as you can to find out about their employer brand; that is the culture, job opportunities and benefits within an organisation and reasons you would want to work there.

For example think of KFC. This may not be an organisation that jumps out as holding the career opportunities you are looking for. Perhaps you consider this a job you hold whilst studying or when you were younger. Now think about an International, multi-million dollar company with career opportunities in a diverse range of job industries including accounting, marketing, security, property management and biochemistry. This organisation is KFC.

Utilise the resources that are available:

It’s not often you have the chance (in fact the Reinvent Your Career Expo is only once a year in Sydney) to go face to face and speak directly with HR personnel, leading educational providers and professionals in their industry who are geared and prepared to assist adults with career advice about their organisation and / or industry, and assist you with job applications and their organisation’s recruitment / enrolment procedures.

Ask questions and take notes if required. The organisations exhibiting are adult friendly and are at the Expo specifically to talk to you.

Utilise the professional Career Development Practitioners who are on hand to give free career check-ups (book in early on the day as these book out fast) and run career workshops over both days. If you require advice on resumes, speak to the organisations that specialise in this area.

Dynamic seminars run both days and are all presented by experts in their field with advice to arm you information on how to achieve your career goals. Plan which seminars cover topics suited to your career reinvention, attend, take notes and speak to the presenters afterwards. Not all have stands at the Expo but all will be available after their seminar for questions and individual conversations.

Most importantly:

If you are not sure, then ask! There is an information stand available to assist you with any enquiries you have. We understand these events can be daunting, particularly if you have not been to such an event before. Have fun, enjoy the networking opportunities and keep an open mind in all your interactions.

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