Who are ‘Real Age’ Career People?




“Workers of any age with experience in their current vocation, suddenly realising that they are either happy with their career, thus choosing to upgrade their status, or adversely decide to change it by actively uncovering options that allow them to move toward self fulfilment.”

– Nicholas Ricciuti, CEO of Reinvent Your Career


Career decision making is a series of continuous choices across the life span, not a once-and-for-all event. ‘Real Age’ career people view careers as a spiral sequence of all life roles, with changes triggered by factors ranging from the anticipated (marriage, empty nest) to unanticipated (illness, divorce, layoff) to “nonevents” (a marriage or promotion that did not occur).

Other reasons ‘Real Age’ people may seek change are that their initial career was not their own choice, their original aspirations were not met, there is insufficient time for other life roles, or the present career is incongruent with changed values or interests. Longer life expectancy, changing views of retirement, and economic necessity can also be factors. ‘Real Age’ career people are evolving and realigning their lives to increase personal fulfillment.