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Website PR Media Career Shopping‘VQ’ or Vocational Intelligence is a term which has been pioneered by Nicholas Ricciuti, our CEO who founded the Reinvent Your Career initiative. The ‘VQ’ definition reads;

The procurement of intelligence which enhances the aptitude of an individual to understand the career options available to them in the current market place based on their skill sets and desires.

Nicholas Ricciuti, CEO of Reinvent Your Career


90% of Australians lack adequate ‘VQ’ (Vocational Intelligence).

“On average an Australian worker will change careers (not jobs) seven times in their work life. I estimate that 90% of what you think you know about companies and industries in Australia is probably wrong. Let me quickly point out, that this is not the fault of people in the workplace. Its because of the lack of employer branding communication platforms available to major employers, governments, industry groups, educators and trainers that prevents them communicating skills matching opportunities”.

An individual who has a high ‘VQ’ has the ability to interact with an industry or employer at the right time. This employer appreciates their skillsets, attitude and ethos. The employee then is naturally lured to be employed and contribute to the organisations shared vision and values.

“I know this may sound like career nirvana however let me assure you that it is not. I have dedicated myself to assisting organisations create employer branding opportunities or communication channels, so that organisations can meet with the right people at the right time.”

If you have arrived at a place in your career where you feel bored, are stagnating, frustrated, feel trapped, are returning to the workforce or looking to totally reinvent your career, the chances are you have your antenna up and are receptive to alternative career partners to earn a living. This is when you become a ‘Real Age’ career person. You are ready to go forward.

Usually with this emotional mindset you naturally surmise to yourself that you have acquired many skills and knowledge that has surpassed your current state of employ.

You find yourself asking; How do I promote my current skills and knowledge to my/an organisation that will embrace and then help better my skills and knowledge?

You hear yourself thinking; If only my/the right employer knew all my strengths and what I could offer them. I have so much more to offer.

You ask yourself; Where all the good organisations to work for, who will appreciate my skill sets?

Most people who feel this way look for opportunities in the market place presented by news grabs in the media, ask friends and familys opinions and basically do a lot of soul searching to rekindle the flame of their real career passion. You know, what you really wanted to do! They dream of making a living from that career passion.

However, most of us usually rescind back into our shell. We take the first/ best offer presented to us which has enough money to live the life we are accustomed to and maybe 2 or 3 other ticked boxes.

It may be closer to home (Tick), dont have to pay for parking (Tick), Higher income (Tick). So you decide to forget about the crosses. Hours are longer, the kids wont see you as often as interstate travel is more prevalent and off course its not what you enjoy or dreamt of doing when you were younger. But you have responsibilities so you convince yourself its the right thing to do. Ill take that job.

Unfortunately, each day, most people will walk by more opportunity than they could take advantage off in a lifetime. However to see opportunity, we need to develop the eyes that sees opportunity.

Imagine having the ‘VQ’ that allowed you to live your career passion by knowing the steps to secure a career in a vocation and role that you have dreamt off. What about the money though? I have a theory. Its worked for me all my life. I hope you can adapt it to your way of thinking and it inspires you to provide a service you are passionate about.

I believe, people get paid in direct proportion to the service they render the marketplace. The market place determines your value. If you want to increase your income, increase the value of service you are prepared to provide.  This is a great discussion topic over coffee with friends.

So for those who have the courage to explore their career passions, usually the first step is to arm yourself with intelligence. Specialised knowledge is power.

One recent and current educational example:

A KEY $2.1 billion federal government skills program announced in 2008 was trumpeted as a key initiative to upgrade the skills of workers and help the unemployed find Jobs. It was designed to provide 711,000 training places over five years by the current government. The government funds TAFEs and Private educators to pay for your upgrade in education. For example, a $5000 Diploma course available to eligible students is only a few hundred dollars. The government funds the rest.

In August of 2011, this program is reported to be 27,000 enrolments short of targets for high-level diploma and certificate IV courses.  Andrew Smith, pro vice-chancellor of the University of Ballarat stated, “The data bears out the claim that the program has targeted lower cost, low-infrastructure courses that do not match the skills shortages plaguing the Australian economy”.

“This supports the concerns (of) many TAFEs that training for more specialised and in-shortage skills were not undertaken through the PPP (Productivity Places Program).”

Most states and territories reported that about 25 per cent of PPP funds had gone to TAFEs, which normally provide 75 to 80 per cent of government-funded vocational training in Australia.

Could you have used a diploma or a certificate 4 course to help you advance at a minimum cost to you and saving thousands or hundreds of dollars.  Did you even know about this initiative?

This simple example illustrates a quick point, the importance of attaining ‘VQ’. Imagine its potential impact on you being happy in your career vocation.

You need to gain as much ‘VQ’ as possible as factually up to 83% of jobs are never advertised.

In fact, due to a lack of employer branding communication platforms available in Australia, 90% of what you think you know about industries and organisations current career opportunities is wrong.

Companies ask me ‘Where are all the good people? We have skills shortages that need filling now’ whilst people say, ‘ where are all the good companies to work for’?

You may need to have a career opportunitys paradigm shift. Change your perception about opportunities available in Australia. What is actually happening in the career marketplace is exciting for those who understand that they need to provide solutions to organisations.

The solutions required by organisations in Australia are across such a diversity of roles it is mind blowing. To become vocationally intelligent you will need to break down your own negative preconceptions toward industries and employers and open your mind to receiving and reprogramming your knowledge base about the opportunities that actually exist in the current workplace.

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