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Reinvent Your Career Expos are a ‘must exhibit’ event for employers, educators and trainers in Australia.

These popular events held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each year include hundreds of exhibitors, hundreds of real jobs, scores of dynamic seminars, career workshops, individual career check-ups, resume services, cash prizes and more. The Reinvent Your Career Expos bring employers and prospective employees together under the one roof.

Exhibitors can showcase their workplaces to a captive audience and hand pick the best talent for their organisation.

These career expos attract ‘Real Age’  workers. This unique audience is keen to find new work challenges, explore career and work options, reignite careers upgrade their career, up skill or re-join the workforce.

Going to the Melbourne 2014 Reinvent Your Career Expo was the best decision I have made for my future!  I am so happy to be working with my passion, I wake up and look forward to going to work.

- Maxine, 38

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The Events

Thousands of people pay to attend these events each year in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This year over 7000 thousand surveys completed revealed that up to 49% of visitors would consider relocating for the right job and that 79% would even take a pay cut if they found the right job.

The expos help break down misconceptions about industry’s and organisations whilst combating skills shortages and reduce recruitment costs by providing a dynamic environment for organisations to explore opportunities with potential employees.

The events have placed over two thousand Australians into work and attendees spend millions of dollars investing in further training and education each year.

Adults come for the opportunity to meet visionary employers seeking the best talent and educators and trainers able to help with career change. They arrive to meet in person knowing that they will enjoy a non-threatening environment to find alternative employment, upgrade opportunities,  re-skilling advice, options to re-enter the workforce or totally reinvent their careers.

Now you can attract the best talent!


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